How many enquiries can I expect to receive?

We welcome all venue types: museums, school halls, pubs and restaurants, office meeting rooms, community centres, hotels across the all of the UK. 

We attract 1000s of enquiries every week and there's no fixed number you should expect to receive. When you list your venue, we ask to you to add #venuetags so that you can specify which types of events you'd like to host and avoid hosting. This means that each venue only appears in relevant searches made by our users - the search & filter function is advanced, but simple to use, just like you get when shopping online.

Our users love to search by capacity, event type and price. There are also seasonal and geographic variations which means every venue is different and no two venues are competing for exactly the same traffic. 

This means that there's no set number of enquiries that you'll receive. We're working relentlessly to generate higher volumes of corporate and private event organisers to our website than you'll find anywhere else. 

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