How does payment work?

We have two payment options for you when it comes to Accepting and Confirming a booking. 

When you receive an enquiry from us, we always recommend clicking "Accept" (unless that's not the case, in which case "Decline") in the VS Inbox.

When you Accept, we'll give you the option of sending a payment link with the acceptance over to the client. We call this VS Direct. In doing so, you'll set the total cost (or estimated if you're not 100% sure) and the first deposit amount. The client will immediately receive a link to pay online by credit / debit card and we'll then submit the funds to you minus commission due - the fastest way for you to get paid. 

NEW! You can now click on Send Payment Link at any time, even after the event... allowing you to charge cards through VenueScanner. You'll get paid faster than waiting for the client to set you up as a supplier on their system and allow for their payment schedules.

Event organisers prefer this route, because it keeps the process streamlined, payments protected and secure and a record of everything in one place. We offer this service to you for free, you won't pay any credit / debit card processing fees. 

If you select VS Invoice, you're choosing to take payment yourselves from the event organiser. You can attach an invoice to a message in the VS Inbox and the client will receive this and pay you directly.

Watch this video to see how it works:

If you don't go down the Accept route, then we ask you to please send a copy of the client quote, contract and / or invoice to so we can keep our records up to date and prepare an accurate commission invoice. 

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