How does the VS Inbox work for Venue Hosts?

VS Inbox is a first. The only fully self service enquiry management tool.

Venue Hosts and Event Organisers communicate directly with each other through the chat function. Ask about capacities, catering, pricing, dates, facilities, insurance, whatever you need! No agencies. No middle men. We put you in direct contact. You can even attach documents to your messages: menus, layouts, venue Ts & Cs... go for it!

To ensure you get a quick response, VenueScanner sends both Venue Host and Event Organiser an email notification every time they receive a new message. You’ll always be directed to My Inbox but you can also just click 'Reply' inside your email tool (gmail, outlook, apple mail etc) and it will go straight to the other person.

From the VS Inbox, you can also Accept, Decline and Amend an enquiry. You're be able to search and filter for specific enquiries and also archive old ones (click on the trash can).

If your email address is associated with multiple venues, all of the enquiries will be listed in your VS Inbox, there's no need to log into multiple accounts. 

Watch this video to see how it works: 

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