How do I write a good venue description or space description?

When it comes to writing a good venue description or space description, there's a few things to keep in mind:


Sell! Yes, you'll want to ensure your description is factual, but make sure it does its best to really explain the unique features of your venue and which event types you host and don't. How would you describe it if there were no photos and no price displayed? Make the description work hard to really convince the Event Organiser to shortlist your venue.


Google! Yes, getting the description right will really help with your google ranking. There are some basics here like mentioning the phrase 'venue hire' and mentioning in full the main event types you're looking to attract. Think about what keywords people will be typing into Google when searching for your venue. Ensure those words and phrases are included and near the top of the venue or space description?

Looking for some help? We'll review your descriptions for you for a small fee and ensure they're optimised to help Event Organisers and maximise your ranking on Google. 

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