How long is the minimum term for listing my venue?

There's no minimum period that you need to be listed with VenueScanner.

You can suspend your venue profile and cancel your account at any time. Get in touch with the team at We'll ask you a few questions and run a free health check on your venue profile to see what we can do to increase the number and relevance of enquiries you're receiving. If you're sure you still want to suspend your venue, we can make that happen within 24 hours.

Most often, Venue Hosts who feel they receive too few enquiries are in that position because their venue profile is lacking information or the #venuetags have not been applied. If you need help with that, please do ask.

Kindly bear in mind that any enquiries received through VenueScanner that convert for a booking date occurring after you suspend your VenueScanner profile or cancel your account will still be subject to commission fees. 

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