How does the VS Inbox work for Event Organisers?

The VS Inbox makes it super easy for Event Organisers and Venue Hosts to communicate directly with one another about the venue, capacity, pricing, dates, facilities… whatever you want! No agencies, no middle men, we put you directly in touch. You can even attach documents to your messages: event briefs, menus, layouts, venue Ts & Cs, go for it...

To ensure you get a quick response, VenueScanner sends both Venue Host and Event Organiser an email and SMS notification every time they receive a new message. 

With the VS Inbox, you'll no longer be chasing voicemails, post it notes, emails and spreadsheets... you'll get all the venue responses in one handy inbox. You can search and filter your enquiries to zero in on the one you're looking for.

When you receive an email from us, simply click on 'My Inbox', 'Accept', 'Decline', 'Reply' or 'Respond' to go straight to your VS Inbox.

So long as you're logged in, you can always access it here too. 

Enquire with as many venues as you like and keep all your communication in one place! 

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