How many venues should I enquire with?

You can enquire with as many venues as you like. And you can do so really easily, using the handy 'Shortlist' feature. Simply click on the heart to add a venue to your Shortlist. Then you can enquire with all the venues with the same enquiry. It's super simple. 

We recommend enquiring with a minimum of 5 venues to increase your chances of a booking... typically one third will be unavailable for the dates you're enquiring. 

Here's how the Shortlist feature works:


See a venue you like the look of? Heart it!


This will add it to your shortlist...


And now you're ready to click into your Shortlist and send the same bulk enquiry to all five venues (click the heart in the top right or click here). Pop the details in about your event date, number of guests etc and we'll send the enquiry straight off to the venues.

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