How do I use filters to narrow my venue search?

Our goal is to help you find the most relevant venues faster. We've been developing our search and filter tools every week to help you achieve a faster and more accurate search. 

And with 10,000s of venues to discover, we're more likely than any other website to have a great choice of venues that fit your search.

Here's some tips on searching and filtering:


Start with searching from the  Homepage. We recommend maximising the amount of information you provide. 

Search by location - pick a town, train station, venue name, whatever you like.

Then add the number of guests - if you're not sure, pop in a range and we'll keep the search broader.

Now, tell us the event type - you can pretty much search for anything.

Click the blue Search button.


Next, you'll land on the Search Results Page. 


Click on the blue 'More filters' text to layer on additional filters that suit your event. You can filter by price, layout, venue type and venue amenities (things like wifi, disabled access etc). For example, set the max daily price to £1000. Then click the blue Apply button.


You'll see that your search is now showing fewer and more refined results. You can continue to make edits to the filters or the search by changing up the location or the event type. You can also zoom or move the map and click the reload button in the top right, which will bring back search results for the area in the map window. 


Like what you see? Start clicking on the heart to add venues to your Shortlist. That's the best way to go from here. Add a number of venues to your Shortlist. You can compare them all and decide which to enquire with. In a few clicks, you'll be able to send off the same enquiry to multiple venues. 

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