I've not heard back from the Venue Host, how can I follow up?

We'll be chasing the Venue Host for you. It's our job to ensure that the venues reply in a timely manner. We can't guarantee when they'll reply, but we ask them to keep it to a maximum of 1 working day. 

If you're still waiting impatiently for the Venue Host to respond to you, then we certainly recommend giving them a little nudge. You can do this by writing a little message in your VS Inbox (be sure to log in before clicking). 

You can type a little message. Or alternative try catching them on the phone. Click on the blue call button and we'll connect you. 

Still no luck? Email us at hello@venuescanner.com and we'll work double hard to get a response within a few hours. After all, it's in their interest to reply to your enquiry!

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